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Altova Announces Version 2011 XML Product Line

On September 8, 2010, Altova introduced Version 2011 of its entire product line.

Altova Version 2011 of XML software delivers a bounty of new and exciting features, most notably support for charts and reporting across multiple Altova MissionKit tools. This new reporting functionality is truly unique to the Altova MissionKit, which is now the only XML toolset that supports the creation of charts using XSLT or XQuery for visualizing and analyzing XML data.

XMLSpy 2011 - Version 2011 of Altova's XML editor includes first-of-its kind support for chart creation for displaying, analyzing, and communicating XML data. Also supported are customer requested features like SOAP validation, schema flattening, and much more.

MapForce 2011 - The latest version of Altova's data mapping tool includes support for chained transformations, advanced report generation, and more:

StyleVision 2011 - The addition of charting and graphing to StyleVision's advanced reporting capabilities makes for a full-featured and highly scalable decision support tool for XML, database, and XBRL content. On top of that, Version 2011 adds a new scripting and toolbar editor for building Authentic applications, enhanced support for HTML/CALS tables, and much more:

Authentic 2011 - StyleVision developers will benefit from the new StyleVision features listed above for creating Authentic applications, specifically:

UModel 2011 - Exciting new support for SQL database modeling tops the list of new features in Altova's advanced, affordable UML tool:

DatabaseSpy 2011 - In Version 2011, DatabaseSpy also includes chart creation functionality for instantly displaying and communicating the results of SQL queries and calculations.

PLEASE NOTE: DatabaseSpy 2011 is now available in Professional and Enterprise Editions. Current users of earlier versions of DatabaseSpy with a valid Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) may download and install DatabaseSpy 2011 Enterprise Edition, which includes the new charting functionality, as a free upgrade.

DiffDog 2011 - Version 2011 includes a performance enhancement for the newest generations of workstation hardware.

AltovaXML 2011 - Our XML standards processor is now available in Community and Reporting Editions. AltovaXML 2011 Community Edition contains all the functionality in the 2010 version and remains free for use in your applications. AltovaXML 2011 Reporting Edition requires a paid license and includes support for chart extension functions to render charts via XSLT or XQuery transformations, making it the only XML processing engine to support chart rendering.

Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)

Version 2011 is a free upgrade for current customers with a valid Support and Maintenance Package (SMP). To purchase SMP for your Altova products, kindly contact Unox Solutions for a quotation.

For pricing information, please contact our sales consultant for the Altova product you are interested in. Unox Solutions offers consultation on licensing package that is most suitable to your business.