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SQLyog 12.3.0 Introduces GUI Transaction Support

26 October, 2016 - Webyog has released SQLyog 12.3.0 which introduces a new major feature – GUI transaction support – as well as some minor features and bug fixes. Below are the changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.2.6.
SQLyog GUI Transaction

Features :

Bug fixes :

Miscellaneous :

The new GUI transactions support adds a new category to the menu with complete support for transactional statements as well as icons/buttons for most common transactional operations: START TRANSACTION, COMMIT and ROLLBACK. This is however not the major achievement here.  This alone would be pretty simple, actually. The major achievement is that the GUI is aware of the current ‘transactional state’ of a session and gives visual feedback to the user about this state – and does this no matter if a transactional statement was executed using the new GUI controls introduced in this release or executed from the editor. Note, however, that it is user’s responsibility to know the ‘transactional capabilities’ of the storage engines used. This new GUI functionality assumes ‘transactional capabilities’ identical to InnoDB for all tables.

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