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AutoCAD LT 2012 Product Launch and Introductory Price

From 24th Mar until 6th April 2011, you can enjoy an introductory offer for AutoDesk AutoCAD LT 2012 at a great price (RM5,xxx)!

In addition, if you upgrade from your current AutoCAD LT, you can upgrade to AutoCAD LT 2012 at a special price (RM3,xxx)*

With AutoCAD LT 2012, incremental improvements add up to bigger productivity gains. AutoCAD LT software is built for professional drafting, delivering genuine DWG compatibility, reliability and powerful 2D drawing tools designed to boost your productivity.

  1. Associative Arrays - Save valuable rework time by establishing and maintaining a set of relationships between arrayed objects.
    Benefit: Easier exploration of design concepts and faster modification of arrayed objects.
  2. More multifunctional grips - Direct manipulation of objects with multifunctional grips has been extended to lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, dimensions, and multileaders, in addition to polylines and hatch objects.
    Benefit: Faster, more intuitive everyday editing.
  3. Web-based collaboration with AutoCAD® WS -The Online tab in AutoCAD LT 2012 provides built-in access to AutoCAD WS, the free* web and mobile application.
    Benefit: Streamlined collaboration with colleagues and clients.
  4. Additional functionality from AutoCAD® software - AutoCAD LT 2012 includes three new features that were previously available only in AutoCAD. The Sheet Set Manager organizes your drawing sets and keeps them up-to-date. Delete Duplicates cleans up drawings by removing duplicate and unneeded geometry. And the Nested Copy tool enables you to copy items out of blocks or external references directly into your current drawings.
    Benefit: Better drawing management, cleaner documents, and more flexibility when working with blocks and references.
  5. Support for the latest hardware, operating systems, and file formats - AutoCAD LT 2012 is supported on the latest Windows®-based workstations, including those with 64-bit processors and the Windows 7 operating system. Also, the DWGTM file format used by AutoCAD LT 2012 is the same as that used by AutoCAD LT 2011, AutoCAD LT 2010, and the rest of the AutoCAD family, maximizing compatibility and interoperability when sharing files with colleagues and clients.
    Benefit: Confidence in the compatibility and stability of your hardware and software.

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