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日本語版Altova - Altova Releases Japanese Language Version of XMLSpy 2010

On Mar 1, 2010 Altova releases Japanese language version of XMLSpy 2010, the first tool available in new Japanese v2010 product line.

The newly translated Japanese version delivers the same powerful functionality available in its English and German counterparts for editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies.

Available at the same cost as the English version, current XMLSpy 2010r2 users can now unlock any language version using their existing key code. Altova also plan to release Japanese language versions of our other products in the coming months followed by Japanese reference manuals and a Japanese Web site.

The latest release of XMLSpy 2010 includes a host of new performance enhancements, including a new native 64-bit version that allows you to take advantage of the speed and performance optimizations associated with 64-bit operating systems while processing XML files that are 100 MB or larger*.

Other new features include: optimized loading times - up to 10 times faster - for files 10 MB or greater when working in Text View in either the 32 or 64-bit versions, and XML Schema-based validation that is now up to three times faster in Text View. Additionally, if you perform common operations (e.g., copy/paste, etc.) on large files in Grid View, you may now experience results 10-100 times faster.

This latest release also introduces an often requested feature that allows you to compile and run C++ code autogenerated by XMLSpy on the Linux platform. XMLSpy 2010r2 also now supports the check-in/checkout/undo checkout versioning functionality on the Microsoft SharePoint Server as well as support for HTTPS when creating SOAP requests and debugging SOAP transmissions.

Altova plans to release Japanese language versions of other products in v2010 line in the coming months followed by Japanese reference manuals and a Japanese website. Currently, the products and editions listed below are available in Japanese versions :

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