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Altova Introduced Version 2010 Release 3 (v2010r3)

On May 5, 2010, Altova introduced Version 2010 Release 3 (v2010r3) of its entire product line. Altova Software Version 2010 Release 3 (v2010r3) provides a number of important usability and performance enhancements that include some frequently requested features and support for additional technologies.

v2010r3 introduces some additional functionality in XMLSpy for NIEM, a national (U.S.) XML-based standard that is already inherently supported in many of the MissionKit products. The new version delivers support for xsi:nil for XML Schema in MapForce, as well as the ability to generate C++ code for 64-bit applications. StyleVision has improved its XBRL support with the addition of iXBRL, a subset of the XBRL standard that is, at this point, primarily used only in the United Kingdom. Other important new features in v2010r3 include support for Visual Studio 2010, mapping data based on SAP's IDoc EDI format, and support for C# 4.0 and Protocol Machine State Diagrams in UModel.

The license activation process for Altova tools has also been upgraded with a new Altova License Wizard. Starting with version 2010r3, you can unlock the software and enter the license key-code conveniently by simply double-clicking the attached License.altova_licenses file, which will launch the Altova License Wizard.

Version 2010 Release 3 is a free update for current customers with a valid Support and Maintenance Package (SMP). Customers with active SMP are entitled to received all new features above - just by downloading and installing the latest product version as soon as it's available. Visit the Altova download page to update to v2010r3 now.

To purchase SMP for your Altova products, kindly email us for a quotation. Unox Solutions offers consultation on licensing package that is most suitable to your business.