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Cybersecurity 2020

5 July 2019 - We are soon approaching the year 2020, and technology is growing exponentially as ever. Most have access to an internet-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and we are now joining the epoch of Industry 4.0.

Don't get me wrong. These devices do bring wonders to us, but they also bring many headaches as well. As technology grows exponentially, so is cyber threats. Threat actors are out there consistently iterating sophisticated malware to make use of undiscovered software vulnerabilities to capitalize on personal and sensitive information for their benefit.

And every business or organization utilize technology to its advantage. However, companies are at risk because malicious hackers do not care if your business is small or large — they attack the vulnerable ones.

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Are you just relying on antivirus?

Are your employees adequately aware of cybersecurity?

Are you a startup or small company in the growth stage?

Are you currently using any old or out-of-date software?

If the above points apply to your business, you will need to take swift actions and upgrade your cybersecurity practices as an outdated cybersecurity strategy comes with a considerable cost.

Unox Solutions carries various cybersecurity solutions and security software. We are not tied to one brand because security is just not about brands. Contact us for the best solution designed for your needs.