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HP StorageWorks Tape Drive Promotion

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HP StorageWorks tape drive promotion from 1 - 30 January 2010. Order from us now.

HP DAT72 USB InternalFrom RM 2,030. FREE 5 unit of DAT72 data cartridges.
HP DAT72 USB External
HP DAT72 SCSI Internal
HP DAT72 SCSI External
HP Ultrium 448 Internal SCSIFrom RM 5,450. FREE 5 unit of LTO2 data cartridges.
HP Ultrium 448 External SCSI
HP Ultrium 448 Internal SAS
HP Ultrium 448 External SAS
HP Ultrium 920 Internal SCSIFrom RM 6,000. FREE 5 unit of LTO3 data cartridges.
HP Ultrium 920 External SCSI
HP Ultrium 920 Internal SAS
HP Ultrium 920 External SAS

Note that SCSI or SAS controller is needed to install the tape drive.

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