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Altova MissionKit v2010r2 Adds 64-bit Versions and Significant Performance Enhancements

On February 16, 2010 Altova announced the availability of native 64-bit versions added across the product line, along with several significant speed and performance enhancements. 32-bit versions of v2010 R2 are also available.

XMLSpy 2010 R2 MapForce 2010 R2 StyleVision 2010 R2 Authentic 2010 R2 UModel 2010 R2 DatabaseSpy 2010 R2 DiffDog 2010 R2 SchemaAgent 2010 R2 AltovaXML 2010 R2

Version 2010 Release 2 is a free update for customers who has purchased Support and Maintenance Package (SMP). For new customers, kindly email us for quotation.