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All HTTP Pages Now Labeled "Not Secure"

HTTP Not Secure Browser Update

1 Aug 2018 - We've been promoting the trust and security benefits of full website encryption (HTTPS on every page) for years now. In support of the same mission, major web browsers started labeling certain pages "Not Secure" in 2017.

Previously, these warnings were limited to unencrypted (HTTP) pages that collect password or payment information — but not anymore. In July, Chrome dramatically expanded "Not Secure" warnings to include all HTTP pages.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already warn users when web pages ask for login or credit card information without using SSL certificates. From July 24, 2018, Google Chrome was the first browser to show users prominent "Not Secure" warnings on any page on your site which isn't secured with an SSL certificate.

Browser security warnings can cause cart abandonment, reputation damage and other serious problems for your business — act now to ensure every page of your site is secured with an SSL certificate.

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