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Upgrade to DbVisualizer 10.0 – The New Feature Version

DbVisualizer - The Universal Database Tool

23 Aug 2017 - Effective immediately, the new DbVisualizer 10.0 version is available for download and purchase.

The improved feature set is an adaption to evolving usage patterns and is, as always, based on user feedback on earlier versions of DbVisualizer.

With 10.0, you get the following new and improved features:

These are just a few highlights from 10.0. Visit the DbVisualizer product page to learn more about the latest product features.

Upgrading to version 10 is free for customers with a license that expires on or after 2017-08-22. (Verify the expiration date in Help->License Key in DbVisualizer or use Help->Check for Update).

DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for developers, administrators, and analysts that want to pose ad-hoc queries to vast databases in near real time. DbVisualizer is used by more than 18.500 customers in 123 countries and has a 15 year history as a successful commercial database tool.

For license renewal and pricing information, please contact our sales consultant for the DbVisualizer products you are interested in.