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PKI: The Security Solution for the IoT

23 August 2016 - DigiCert was mentioned in the article published by Elektor Business Magazine about PKI security for IoT. Below is the excerpt of the article.

PKI is uniquely positioned to deliver on the necessary and critical security needs of the IoT. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers points out, "When you're looking at authenticating devices, the only real standards at the moment that offer any real interoperability tend to be Public Key Infra- structure (PKI)."

PKI has a history as the de-facto standard for Internet security and has the developing specifications to accommodate the requirements of diverse IoT deployments therefore, PKI is the best option for solution providers to secure data and connected devices.

When correctly implemented, PKI can build and support security and trust in IoT ecosystems. PKIs role in IoT provides strong identity authentication and creates the foundation of trust that systems, devices, applications, and users need to safely interact and exchange sensitive data.

PKI's existing infrastructure of identity vetting completed by publicly trusted and audited Certificate Authorities provides the necessary foundation for IoT organization authentication PKI certificates are evidence that the identity of organizations, domains, and devices was properly established because certificates cryptographically bind public keys to such identities. Pre-vetting capabilities and on-demand issuance, like DigiCert's Managed PKI for IoT performs, enable one-time pre-verification or real-time verification to perform the identity assurance needed by IoT projects and systems.

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