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Altova Tools for Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Altova MissionKit tools have included comprehensive support for healthcare and financial regulatory standards, helping you build solutions for achieving compliance with HL7, HIPAA, XBRL, and more. Let's take a look at some of those features in detail.

  1. Support for HL7 in Altova MapForce

    Health Level Seven International (HL7.org) is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology with members in over 55 countries. HL7 is dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.

    HL7 standards for interoperability improve care delivery, optimize workflow, and enhance knowledge transfer among healthcare providers, government agencies, the vendor community, and patients.

    HL7 standards have been officially adopted in Australia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and many other countries. In the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published an interim final rule to standardize certain electronic transactions by applying HL7 standards, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) specifies HL7 standards for electronic transmission of reports by hospitals and other laboratories to public health agencies.

    Altova MapForce 2011 allows users to visually map to and from HL7 messages,both in their legacy EDI format and in the newer XML-based version (3.x). Strong support for HL7 enables the healthcare IT community to seamlessly and efficiently transform incoming and outgoing healthcare transactions promoting accuracy, transparency, and processing speed across disparate information systems. MapForce supports the most recent XML-based version (v3.x) of HL7 standards as well as the older EDI v260 configuration files. A sample file included with MapForce illustrates mapping from an older EDI-based HL7 message to the latest HL7 XML format.

    You can access an optional component to add specialized support in MapForce for HL7.v220, HL7.v230, HL7.v231, HL7.v240, HL7.v250, and HL7.v251, empowering enterprises that have already implemented older versions of HL7 to migrate to the latest standard.

  2. Native Support for HIPAA 5010 in MapForce

    HIPAA 5010 is the latest version of the standard for electronic health care records established by the US Department of Health and Human Services for electronic medical data transactions between insurers, healthcare providers, and employers, based on EDI X12 version 5010. Covered transactions are: claims and encounter information, payment and remittance advice, claims status, eligibility, enrollment and disenrollment, and premium payment. Under HIPAA, if a covered entity conducts one of the adopted transactions electronically, they are required to implement the HIPAA 5010 standard by January 1, 2012.

    HIPAA includes specialized deviations from the X12 EDI 5010 standard that are natively supported by MapForce 2011 Release 3.

    Health care enterprises that send or receive HIPAA information can apply graphical MapForce mappings to meet a number of requirements. Users of legacy healthcare IT systems that do not store data files internally in a format compliant with the latest HIPAA standard can use MapForce 2011r3 to map incoming HIPAA 5010 transactions to the enterprise internal format or database. Or, a MapForce mapping can be designed to generate HIPAA-compliant transactions for output from existing non-compliant data. In both of these examples the enterprise can use royalty-free source code generated by MapForce as the basis for an on-demand data conversion application.

    If the enterprise wants to translate legacy healthcare data for internal storage in HIPAA 5010 format, MapForce 2011 Release 3 is the tool for that one-time transformation too!

    The Examples project installed with MapForce even includes an example mapping from the older EDI-based HIPAA 837 format to XML in HIPAA 5010.

  3. Achieving XBRL Compliance with MissionKit Tools

    XBRL is very much top of mind for virtually all US public companies as the later phases of the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) mandate kicks in. As of periods ending on or after June 15, 2011 even smaller publicly traded companies must submit required financial data to the SEC in XBRL alongside text/HTML.

    Fortunately there are tools available that can help organizations meet the SEC's reporting requirements both efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Using tools from the Altova MissionKit - tools that many of you are already familiar with - IT professionals can meet the SEC filing needs of organizations across all industries.

    With MissionKit tools you can :

    • Create and extend a taxonomy with XMLSpy
    • Map data from your financial statements to the taxonomy with MapForce
    • Create and validate instance documents with XMLSpy and MapForce
    • Leverage your XBRL data by using StyleVision to create GAAP-compliant as well as custom reports - output in multiple formats from a single design template also means you can publish financial data to your Web site in HTML (another SEC requirement)

    The SEC has embraced XBRL because they believe it has "the potential to increase the speed, accuracy and usability of financial disclosure, and eventually reduce costs."

    With MissionKit tools, you can help companies both public and private realize these benefits - without earning an accounting degree or learning new technologies.

    You can also render financial data in GAAP-compliant reports with the click of a button - output automatically generated in HTML, RTF, PDF, and Word formats. Custom reporting is also supported.

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