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Front Office
Bringing your business to the front

Front Office™ 2016 is the latest release of business applications from Unox Solutions. Front Office™ consists of a suite of software applications that helps your business to generate more sales and runs more smoothly.

Front Office™ 2016 is set of web applications that you can deploy easily (through our site licensing) or simply use on the cloud (per user licensing). It brings the power of the Internet to your business.

Front Office™ 2016 suite consists of below :


Hotel Reservation System

Versatile online reservation system
  • Web-based system that allows users to make reservation via the Internet
  • Accept credit cards and payments online
  • One view of reservation status and payment status
  • Host at your own server or have it managed by us
  • Local support available
Hotel Reservation System
[PDF] Brochure (593kb)


Email Marketer

An efficient email marketing solution
  • Send promotional emails with high penetration rate
  • Create visually stunning emails with templates (no images to be blocked by email server)
  • Track respond rate for marketing strategy
  • Continuous update of techniques to ensure continuous success
Email Marketer
[PDF] Brochure (259kb)